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Recomanded settings for a very high internet speed


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Hy to everyone. I am reading allmost everyday your topics, searching desperate for some answers which can improove my upload speed. I have currently a very high internet speed ( speedtest.net results are: 62 MB download and 78MB upload ). As far as I know this should allow me to download 8-9 MB per sec and upload allmost the same, but my upload speed seems to be limited by something, get stucked everytime at 5.4 MB. I know, most of you will say now "You upload in 5,4 MB per second and you want more?" Well Yes, I pay alot of money for this internet and I want to have the best of it. I am a great seeder, I constantly have 100 + torrents in my seeding list.

I specify that I did not make any settings in the Advanced tab from utorrent. My other settings are:

Connection - Enabled only Add Windows Firewall exception

BitTorrent: - Enabled only uTP, UDP tracker suport, Ask tracker for scrape information

Bandwidth:-Global 600, Per torrent 500 and Upload slots 100.

Im using a fiberlink with a mega speed internet :)

I have disabled Firewall, I don't use Antivirus, so I'm thinking that the problem may be in my utorrent.

I will also wanna know what kind of settings will be proper for someone who seeds many torrents in the same time, because I see I have some problems in gettings peers on some torrents no matter there are enough leechers.

Shell I use lower number of Connections in Bandwith section? Are there any advanced settings that I have to make?

Thank you for your time.

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