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Deliberately made wrong settings but proxy still works! ?


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Hi, Grateful for any help. I have a subscription to BTGuard proxy service. In the network preferences I set the address (proxy.btguard.com) and the port, my username and password and select socks5. I get good download speed on ubuntu torrent. OK looking good, but...

I go to checkmytorrent and they can not see me, which is the expected behavior if I have my proxy set properly.

I go back to network preferences and select proxy = none from the dropdown menu.

Chckmytorrent now sees me... so far so good.

I reselect socks5 in the network preferences but this time I completely change the proxy address, the port setting, my username and password. The problem is that I now still get fast download and chechmytorrent can not see me as if I was still using the proxy. but this is impossible as I have corrupted all the information about the proxy in µtorrent network preferences.

I have restarted the computer and it persists, so my question is whether µtorrent has cached my information? What is going on? I would like to understand so that I am confident about my security.

Thanks for your help.

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I downloaded µTorrent on a different computer and the first time I tried I had to enter the correct info to authenticate on btguard, but after that it accepted the connection even after I corrupted the data. Perhpas btguard are recoding the mac address or something. Strange because they say they don't keep logs.

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