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Downloading 0%, ETA ∞, Seeds/Peers ∞ (Screenshot)


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I used utorrent 6 mos ago and had no issues nor did I have to do any special configurations. Since then I had to replace my PC. I downloaded it the other day and have had the issue I stated in the subject ever since.

I've tried port forwarding, checked UDP and DHT enabled, and tried using utorrent without my VPN...to no avail. Also tried different countries (currently a Berlin IP). Speed test...DL/UL SPEEDS 6.92/4.37 Mbps.

I have encountered other people having the same problem and tried everything they suggested... from what I could tell they either didn't solve it or they did and didn't post the solution. Of course most of these were from 2 years ago so hopefully someones brilliant wisdom may be able to alleviate some mega frustration...lol.



*edit: oh and I forgot to say I uninstalled my antivirus program, and checked for exceptions in firewall. I also turned off peer block... and noticed something the other day when I tried to uninstall to reinstall. Its not actually installed the way it is on a tutorial I saw where he downloaded it and "setup" started. I just have an .exe. would that make a difference?

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I have the same problem. Windows 7. using private trackers. logged in to them.

Cannot download, excecpt this morning was able to download your own torrent.

DHT: not allowed.

Local Peer Discovery: not allowed

Peer Exchange not allowed.

Have checked exceptions in windows and anti-virus firewall.

Have even disabled and uninstalled anti-virus

Have uninstalled and reinstalled utorrent. Using 3.2.1 (Same problem with bittorrent. )

Have warning sign on lower left screen. Have run tests. Results: Port forwarding not active. You may still download.

Have 'Waiting to log in' on bottom of screen.

Surely someone can help me. Please.

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Iris, you cost the original poster their thread because:

1> Not the same issue, original poster is using public sites

2> You didn't provide enough information to troubleshoot.

3> You didn't actually provide the information requested of the original poster.

If you have a problem with this, tough. Your "extensive research" failed to even provide the basic information requested in this thread.

Abuse the report system again and you WILL be banned.

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