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Torrent Won't Open And/Or Won't Download


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Tried troubleshooting tips several times but the answer continues to elude me.

My uTorrent won't often open at all. I have version 3.2.1 and I try to open it. It's open in the processes under Task Manager but not on the window in any form, not even the icon. I can click it as many times as I'd like.

In addition, I can begin downloading torrents, but they won't download to completion often.

I just finished re-downloading uTorrent -- it successfully opened because of this -- and it said that my downloads are "Checked", and a couple of them have begun the downloading process from the beginning while the others are stuck in the "Checked" phase. The advanced settings of uTorrent have bt.graceful_shutdown as "true" so that's a bit odd, is it because I re-downloaded uTorrent in this particular instance?

And is there a way to get uTorrent to actually open on my computer without re-downloading it each time?

Thanks in advance

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