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I think Ive sufficiently scared myself...


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Im sure this is a VERY talked about topic, and Ive tried searching about it and what not, but I saw comments on TPB saying that I can get in trouble if I download certain things. And this worries me. I looked into it, and I may have read more bad info than good, and have sufficiently scared myself away from torrents. >.>

Im not sure If I should or not, I mean, I would just buy the stuff I get (Mostly tv shows) if I had the money. Im sure most would, heck we even pay for cable.. so it doesnt exactly seem like theft to me.

I looked at securing my downloads, VPN and stuff like that, and have come to the conclusion that none of it is free, I personally dont have any money so I cant, but since Im downloading the stuff that would imply I dont have money in the first place.. I think anyhow.

In the last week or so I started downloading Law and order seasons for my sister, and theres a LOT of it. probly about 120GB worth that Im getting/have. I have about 80 GB or so so far. And im worried I might get in trouble or get the person paying for my internet in trouble.

So Am I being a worry wart?

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So In other words' date=' Dont download anything.[/quote']

Not so, there is plenty of material around that is public domain and/or genuinely free if you care to look.

If you prefer to steal, be prepared to face the consequences.

In my eyes what I get is tv shows, and We pay for cable. so in essence Im not REALLY stealing it. We dont even keep it after we watch it.

I think Im just going to do it anyway.

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