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Program does not respond


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When I have a few torrents (about 8-10) open in uTorrent the chance that uTorrent stops working is 50%, it happens sometimes, sometimes not.

It also happens when I add a few torrents quickly. Problem is that uTorrent doesn't crash but it turns white and the titlebar says "uTorrent is not responding".

I then have to kill it and restart it (often resulting in loss of torrents that were downloading).

How can I troubleshoot this?

Windows 7 32bit.

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Well sometimes it stops working and sometimes it doesn't, it happens about half the time I add new torrents. Today I added 5 torrents in a few seconds and it froze, then I restarted uTorrent added them again, but slower and it was fine.

Version 3.1.3. build 27207

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