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weird speed issue - torrent buddy system


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I've been having this problem with various versions of uTorrent with various versions of windows, its not a constant thing but i have noticed that sometimes i have to start an extra torrent downloading to get the maximum speed of the one i'm attempting to download to gain any speed it only started happening since i've updated to versions of 3.x of uTorrent. Its not a constant occurance but it is common. and if i stop one of the torrents the other drops back down to a lower speed.

for instance, i'm downloading Linux Mint 13 iso.. its running at 20KBps, I start LibreOffice torrent, Linux Mint 13 torrent spikes up to 450KBps and stays within that range, also LibreOffice amps up to 250KBps. 5 minutes later I stop LibreOffice torrent and Linux Mint torrent drops back down to 20-30KBps.

not really a complaint, just a heads up on the problem if no one else has mentioned it. I just deal with the "buddy-system" torrenting when it happens.

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