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Another maybe-disk-related Error topic


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First of all I am a new user of the forum, but long term user of µTorrent. So Greetings to everyone and everybody!

Now, I have been through uTorrent v2.x/3.x - Best Practice Tips, and other topics, related with this problem, but so far I am not getting my answer.

I keep getting few different errors, which occur randomly. I keep restarting the downloads, with different speed limits from 200kbites to 2MBites, but it's the same.

I have "HijackedThis" but still I don't find any process, which could interfere. I have tried with the Antivirus on or off, but the problem is the same, it doesn't matter also my location where different ISPs provide the internet.

One sample error: Error: Write to disk: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

Any more ideas?

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The dir is at the second partition of the internal HDD, I am running Win7 32-bit.

The dir is D:\Downloads

The version is 3.2, build 27886, 32-bit

I have downloaded few torrents before, with no such problems, I am getting this from about a week.

My Windows update is active and I have installed numerous updates since, but I can't find the direct connection, since I review every update I take.

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