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Stuttering screen when connect to the internet & watch videos with ut


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The problem started some time ago.When I watch videos downloaded on my computer & I connect /disconnect to the internet the screen would stutter heavily(I think they call it lag) for some 10 seconds then evrything would be fine.Now the problem has worsened.When connected to the internet & watching a video on my computer whether already on my computer or online like youtube the screen would weakly stutter but if I exit utorrent (even if it is not downloading/uploading anything)the stutter would go.There is also those numbers in the lower registry in utorrent window that keep counting even when I am not downloadin /uploading anything.This is what is found in the lower registry:

DHT:184 nodes (updating) D:0.8kB/s T:86.7 kB U:0.1kB/s T:74.6kB

The problem seems to have begun when I was prompted to download the latest version of utorrent so can somebody help me stop the stuttering & those numbers that seem to tell me I am downloading/ uploading something while I am not?

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