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uTorrent *sometimes* does not remember download directory.


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For a while now, I am experiencing this problem where uTorrent fails to remember my download directory.

For instance, when you download a torrent and the dialog appears asking you where to save it, you enter some path, and uTorrent remembers that location for the next time that you download a torrent. This worked for years throughout all the new updates, but it is broken somehow.

My download directory is D:\Downloads on Win7 x64. uTorrent at times could decide that it will save in D:\ instead of D:\Downloads OR think of a weird name with japanese characters(kanj).

Screenshot: iwcjH.png.

I have no idea why this happens. I am running the VERY LATEST as of now. And while I am at it, it at it's discretion again, chooses if it will auto-start downloading a magnet torrent or not.

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Yes, but what many people claim to be "the current version" very often isn't, so requesting clarification is necessary, not to mention that it is requested that BEFORE reporting anything you should update to the latest beta and post what version and build you have so it can be verified.

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