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Speed difference between my client and online client


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I plead for help, as I don't have the slightest idea what's going on.

Anyway, everything with my utorrent configuration seems to be "working as it should". all is good, port forwarded.

But when I use online utorrent client, like Zbigz, not only the speed is much higher(reaches a few MB per second) but I also see there are many more seeders/leechers connected than what my utorrent client shows, for example instead of 40 in online client I see 12 seeders on mine and I download at 10-100KBs.

So I have no idea why, all is configured, port forwarded, but it is still so slow, and why on my client it shows there are fewer seeders/leechers?


My download speed is really fast, i can sometimes download 1MB per second, average 700KBs. In utorrent only 10-100KB????

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