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The "Copyright Alert System" and how to avoid ISP warnings.


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Long time uTorrent user here, but never one to get too concerned about the ramifications of the content I dl. Especially since I don’t dl too terribly often and I’m not a power user/uploader (although I do contribute... minimum 1:1).

Anyhow, reading the latest news on this Copyright Alert System that's been years in the making it sounds like the ISP's are now rolling out warnings to the customers. Enough of these warnings and they could take action against the offending person. I'd like to avoid these warnings for obvious reasons but I'm not sure what the most affective measure is.

Based on my limited knowledge and brief research (recently) here's what I've gathered so far:

-torrent encryption= I'm pretty sure I have this option checked anyway but from what I understand this only encrypts the packets, it does not conceal the IP address and the ISP's can still "see" that there's torrent traffic coming from your IP.

-VPN's= This is new to me. I understand the concept but how affective is it for this type of IP concealment and specifically dealing with this new Alert System.

Other than that, I'm really not too sure what other options are out there.

Suggestions, lessons, tips, tricks? Any and all would be appreciated!


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I understand there's free vpn services out there, how do I set one up? especially how to include utorrent in it? is there any how to? what about using a proxy? I'm not too computer literate, appreciate info, except of course the wise guys comments.

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