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How to use language packs?


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I could see that the language 'Tamil' is listed under the Available Languages http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/availablelanguages

But when i downloaded the language pack, restarted the client, I couldn't see the particular language in the list. But other languages are available. Why is that?

Also i noticed that in Thanks to Translators page, there was no mention of credits to the said language pack's author.

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Some reasons:

1) Tamil exists as language (see here:) %C2%B5TS%20Status%20page%20%C2%A9%20by%2http://www.should.keepfree.de/uTS.png

2) Tamil translation thread is here: Tamil translations

3) if a language has less than 80% translated (explanation see here: Translation info

4) and the translators for a specific language have not been active the last 6 month

5) the translation is not in utorrent.lng ...

6) and you're invited to continue

PS: thread moved

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How do i check the translations for the installation setup strings. I know i can check other UI translations using the lang file.

Of course, i can submit my translation and wait till its included in the next lang pack and then check for any mistakes and correct it for the further next build. But it will take a very long time, since i've to wait for each next builds for each changes i've make.

I need to do this in order to check the string length, so that it matches the width of the application window.

Wait, i've another doubt. The client's installation can be made in language other than english, right?

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Best way is to download the text file from uTS. Rename it in that way so it corresponds with the exe file. Means 'utorrent.exe' needs a corresponding txt file named 'utorrent.exe.lang.txt'.

Place this txt file in the same folder where your exe file is.

Additional make sure that no file 'utorrent.lng' exists, also not in the '%%appdada%% folder' (google for this).

This txt file you can directly edit to see your modifications when you restart and upload back to uTS.

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Sorry, was a missunderstanding.

For this you have to start/switch to another build (f.e. the 3.2.2 beta or the 3.3 alpha), after this back to the build you want to check and the installation questions are coming back.

If you don't trust that builds, you can do with older stable too.

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I'm sorry, i am not getting you.

You ask me to:

i) uninstall my current version,

ii) install the latest build //For this you have to start/switch to another build//

iii) install the older build again //after this back to the build you want to check//

not to mention that i should be uninstalling the latest build before doing step (iii).

Is that right? And if so, why would i need to do the step (ii)?

Also, while installing, u torrent folder in 'Program files' will get removed. Then where would i keep the lang file, so that it can be used while installation process?

Thank you for your patience in answering me. :)

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