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uTorrent doesn't let me pick a destination folder anymore


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Hey guys,

For some reason uTorrent stopped displaying the "Add new torrent" window (I don't remember exactly what it was called, but it had an option to select destination and a list of files contained within the torrent), regardless of whether I use magnet links or .torrent files. In Preferences > Directories > Location of Downloaded Files, I have "Put new downloads in:" and "Move completed downloads to" unchecked, as always. Instead of letting me select the download location, uT now simply defaults to C:\Users\[userName]\Downloads\ .

The strange thing is, I haven't changed anything in my Preferences since I setup uT almost a year ago. I was running 3.1.2, which is where this issue first appeared. To try to fix it, I tried updating (manually) to 3.2.1 (latest), but the issue didn't go away. I'm running Win 7 x64. Any ideas on what might be causing this?

Cheers :)

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Figured it out. It appears I must have clicked on the "don't show this again" checkbox, which, in turn, deselected "Show a window that display the files inside the torrent in advanced mode" under UI Settings. I checked that and now uTorrent works as it used to.

Apparently, I'm a bit of an idiot :D Feel free to delete this one, mods.

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