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serious speed issues


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recently I´ve got serious speed problems with uTorrent. All the time it was ok but suddenly this happened. My download speeds are about 4kB/sec, and I used to download about 2MB/sec.

My gear is: Lenovo edge E430, windows 7 home premium original licence, I connect via WiFi to router Belkin 54g (im not quite sure about the type) and its connected to the cable modem Motorola. uTorrent is the latest version 3.2.1.

The Ctrl+G test in uTorrent says: speed test failed host 11001 is unknown, port isnt opened (download is aviable), when I connect another PC to our wifi it says the same thing.

When I connect to my friends wifi, it doesnt show the port problem but speed is the same.

Test torrent (ubuntu iso) is working 100%, dl speed about 2MB

firewall down, avast antivirus down no chance to be blocked by any 3rd party software

ones in the day torrent starts working and jums to 600kB/sec but sometimes its just not working at all

utorrent icon is green, not orange or red, provider is UPC internet speed should be 30MB/1MB

what should I try to do?

Every help appreciated thanks a lot

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