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Supports IPv6, but is not available for download on the IPv6 Internet!


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Getting uTorrent via ipv6 is dependent on the hosting company for the uTorrent website and cdn.

I agree to a point.

i.e. a lookup on www.google.ca returns a v6 record first:

Name: www.google.ca

Addresses: 2607:f8b0:400b:801::1017

However, a lookup on www.utorrent.com

Name: bittorrent.vo.llnwd.net


Aliases: www.utorrent.com

Although www.utorrent.com is aliased to limelight, there is still no v6 resolution. Limelight can certainly run v6, but www.utorrent.com doesn't have a quad-a record.

In any case, I though it a bit odd that a product that supports v6 has a v4 only website.

On another kind of related note, Windows 8 can't activate on a v6 only network - you have to phone it in. lol


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