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Torrents do not start to download automatically after adding.


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For a few months now utorrent automatically sets the state of newly added torrent files to "Stopped".

Steps to reproduce:

1) Select any torrent from piratebay

2) Click "GET THIS TORRENT" button

3) A dialog window opens ("The applicatin utorrent must be lauched to open the link...)

4) Click "Yes"

5) Utorrent will start and the torrent file will appear in utorrent

6) After some time the state of the torrent will be "Stopped"


After the "Stopped" state appears, right click on the torrent and select "Start" or "Force start"

Settings: "Don't start the download automatically" checkbox is UNCHECKED.

Platform: Win

Utorrent rev: 27568

Please help, this is a relly annoying bug.


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