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Serious instant speed issue.


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Hi everyone.

On first note i'd like to say that my uTorrent till 22.10.2012 - monday worked 100% correctly. I had small Modem shut down due to some crash at my ISP probably

I had 170kb/s upload all the time and almost constant 2,4-2,6mb download speeds.

I hadn't change any of the setting on my Modem-Wifi- cable conn to either pc or laptop.

And suddenly in the evening all my dnwload speeds on every single torrent felt down to 4-50kb/s with almost no upload speed.

I have all ports forwarded, made firewall expections for oth tcp/udp conn even my avast doesn't iterfere with utorrent ( it never had ).

I tried already connecting my modem stright to pc, same issue.

I've done even a little test: cause on moday I dl'ed new Tv show episode which gone down with 2,3mbit speed ( seemd that it was from dedicated host or so cause had such dl from 5-10 ppl around 200kb/s each ) also on same torrent in tab Peers -> lable peer.dl i've seen speeds of 4mb/s ++. I had over 1000 peers/seeds connected with diff values % of downlaoded file.

since then so from 23.10.2012 my torrents looks like this:

Few 100% seeds connected and few 0% connected ( as mentioned before no change made to any settings ). my dl speed is now at top 60kb/s. I've tried diff torrent clients and no change.

I've tried calling my ISP to check did my down speed falled down but they said that everything is ok and im not an computer master so I gone myself to check speed at rapidshare and got dl of 2,4mb/s.

I believe that my ISP fucked Up something with some packets or so but i have no idea what to ask them and what to demand or what tests to make to check this out.

Every problem started after this error at ISP when my torrent went down badly.

Any ideas what could go wrong on thier side? cause it seems by some miracle that my Internet doesn't see dedicated hosts at all and thats why I get so slow speed. COuld I be banned somehow? any idea how to check it out or so ?

Thanks for all the help !!

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