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Utorrent Limited DL speed.?!


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My isp provides 20mbit conn.

I've done check like 10 minutes ago and my dl at rapish was 2,4mbit/s.

In online tests i get 19,8-20,7mbit/s connection.

While preforming test on 3.2.1 version via setup guide.

utorrent somehow lowers my bandwidth to 3,9mbit/s which allows me to dl files only with 400-500kb/s speed.

I've put no limits on Download/Upload speeds at any global or each torrent files.

So I found a problem.

Question is now, how to fix it ?

I've tried just 10 sec ago diff settings via setup guide:

Unlimited result : 1,5mb/s upload // 3.9mbit DL

at 1,5mbit conn picked result is : 1,5mb/s upload // 4.8mbi/s DL

when i put 5 or 20mbit/s or any ption diff then 1.5/unlimited My utorrent crashes

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i've tried every single setting.

Putting DL limit to 3000 kb/s or putting to 0 for unlimited.

Makes no difference ;/

My download don't want to move over 768kb/s ( on multiple torrent going on - wanted to do that cause it could be caused by no many seeds etc. ) but it seems that overall speed don't go over that point.

at http://www.speedtest.net/ my isp speed is 18,9mbit/s DL / 1,98mbit/s UL.

But somehow Utorrent doesn't detect it

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