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Disable Add New Torrent dialog window?


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Apologies is this is a FAQ, but a quick search of the forum didn't give me an answer.


Is there a way to revert to the "old" Add New Torrent dialog box in 3.2.1? The new one may provide slightly more info, but I find it grotesquely oversized and full of wasted space. In short, I want the old Add New Torrent window back.

Anyone know of an option to accomplish this?

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But I still need a dialog to add a new torrent. Disable it at all - not an option.

By the way, why a Name field affects filename (folder name in multifile torrents) AND torrent label in list of downloads? Before this it was two different things.

And why did logic changed when I trying to set download location (by rightclicking on torrent)? Before when setting download location I simply select the folder I want and it was considered as root for torrrent contents. But now I select folder and in this folder µT creates new folder named as the name of torrent. So confusing. :(

Sorry for my googletranslated english.

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