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Setup Guide Problems


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I am a new user to these forums. I tried searching for this but couldn't find any previous posts related to it, so I decided to create a new thread.

I am using:

utorrent Ver. 3.2.1 (28086) (32-bit)

Windows XP

McAfee Security Center

Here's the problems I am having:

1. Different Ports

Not sure if this is a problem but it's something I have noticed. Even though I've selected a Port for Incoming Connections in Preferences/Connections, a different port is given as the Current Port when I try to run Run Tests in the Setup Guide. For example, if I choose 54599 as my Port for Incoming Connections, 54601 is shown to be my Current Port in the Setup Guide. Is this is what is supposed to be happening or am I doing something wrong?

2. Test Crashes

Sometimes when I try to do consecutive RunTests in the Setup Guide, utorrent will crash. This also happened before I updated to Ver. 3.2.1. Is this a problem on my end or utorrent's end?

Thank you.

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If the port you select is already forwarded in your router and UPnP requests the router to forward the port again, the router might increment to the first available port that is not already forwarded (my D-Link DIR-655 does this). This can happen if you stop uTorrent then immediately restart before the router has time to release the forwarded port. You should be able to see if this is happening in the uTorrent logger if you have "Log UPnP messages" selected under Verbose Logging.

uTorrent crashing if speed guide is run multiple times is a known problem.

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Anything in particular I should be looking for?

Something like these soon after uTorrent starts:

[2012-10-28 13:37:05] UPnP(XP): TCP port 55248 -> mapped successfully.

[2012-10-28 13:37:05] UPnP(XP): UDP port 55248 -> mapped successfully.

The port number on the left should be what you have specified which should map to the port number on the right in your router as it did for me. If it does not your router was unable to forward the requested port, most likely because it was already forwarded, so it found the next available port it could forward.

BTW, this will happen if uTorrent is running on more than one computer connected to your router and requesting the same port to be forwarded.

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