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RSS Downloader Filter (Not another thread! >.<)


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I'm trying to setup a filter for this format:

Arrow - S01E03 [ 2012 ] [ MKV | x264 | HDTV | 720p ] [ Uploader: cambridge007 ] [ Arrow.S01E03.720p.HDTV.DD5.1.x264-EucHD ]

That is the basic format that my tracker uses.

The filter I'd tried is:


Which to me, makes enough sense to match it all... however it does not work :(

I plan to use similar filters for other tv series.

What am I doing wrong?


I'd like to mention that I have read the tutorial on this website.


Also, If I use "Arrow*2012*" it works, but if I use "Arrow*2012*MKV*" it doesn't work.

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So I've set it to match the original filename instead, and it works.

I'm using the exact same filter.. I really wish they would allow us to use straight regex as well as this dumbed down version, which they parse in (possibly converted into their own regex, or manually do it.. who knows!)

I wouldn't say this issue is solved, but my problem is solved..

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