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Newbie. uTorrent instructions don't work


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Hi I am missing something?

Successfully downloaded latest uTorrent on my Mac. Window is open.

I followed the instructions:

Searched the web for a torrent, found it.

Then it says: "click to grab the torrent in your browser". Well I clicked it, and there is the video waiting to play. I start it playing.

Then it says: "click again to load it into uTorrent". Huh? If I click it, it just plays or pauses.

Nothing happens in uTorrent.

I really cannot see any way to get the file into uTorrent!

The instructions seem to skip over a step that's essential for newbies, not at all obvious.

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It sounds like something on the webpage is goofy. As if they did not code the web functions correctly on the page that the torrent is being offered from. So each time you try it just fails to do anything meaningful. I'm assuming that you have already installed "utorrent" as well as "peer block" and are just having trouble getting utorrent and the source page to communicate to each other so the download process will commence. On the source webpage there might be a small red and gray magnet icon you might need to click on. If so, just click on that magnet icon and open magnet link with utorrent program if prompted to choose a program. No magnet link perhaps? To make this simple I'll need a little more info from you so I can guide you through the process. What is the URL of the webpage you are trying to download a torrent from?

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