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Large files - slow speed


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Hi Everybody,

first of all let me say i saw number of topics regarding this issue, but in none there is any solution posted.

So issue basicly is that when i download small torrents (up to 4GB) i get max download speed even if the seed/peer ratio is not that good.

However when i try to download big torrents (15GB) my download speed is not larger than 10kB/s :mad:

and these torrents have like 15k seeds + 4k peers, the tracker is TPB - i've never encountered any problems with it.

My router is configured with port forwarding, that I use in utorrent, windows firewall is turned off, only software i use is Avast with rules enabled, but even if I kill it from task manager the download speed doesnt change so i guess its not issue with Avast.

My upload / connection settings are set up accordingly to sticky topics from long time ago, I've noticed this speed lowering like 5 months ago, but to be honest I've never downloaded such big torrents, and there were no changes to my ISP, router and PC what so ever :(

Can anybody lay a helping hand ?

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