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Setting Download location (e.g. moving file)


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I am moving a USB connected drive from my torrent computer to another computer. I want to reunite the torrents with the new location, however the process is very slow and I think I might be doing something incorrectly. Can someone confirm that I am going about it correctly? I'm running Windows 7 x64 on both machines

1) Torrents are in the Finished status

2) Close Utorrent

3) Eject USB drive

4) Move drive to another computer on my LAN (connected through a gigabit switch, not WLAN router)

5) Share the drive.

6) Start Utorrent again

7) Right click on finished torrent and select "Advanced:Set Download Location"

8) Window message "Choose where to download 'Astronomycast.pack.1.Podcast files' to:

9) Click on folder where d/l files were relocated to (new share)

10) Click on Select Folder

11) Window message "File move target \\Titanserver\esub\Podcasts...\sample.mp3 already exists. Overwrite?"

12) Click NO

13) Start Torrent

14) Torrent begins to seed.

I have about 100 torrents that I need to move.

It takes about 1 minute between each torrent and ~ 30 seconds between step 8 and 11.

All of these torrents are within the same folder. Is there a way to have Utorrent just apply the same location to all of them without the confirmation and also to have the overwrite confirmation default to NO?



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Thanks again ciaobaby. I 'm having a hard time getting this to work. So I found the .dat files but I don't understand where I should be copying them to?

My lap top is running utorrent and had a removable drive that stores the d/l files on it. I moved my drive to another computer on my LAN

I want my laptop to continue running utorrent but want the files that I am seeding and have d/l to be stored on the removable drive on another computer on my LAN.

So I am not sure where I should copy the .dat files too. I think you think that I want to move the utorrent application to my new computer. Copying the .dat files makes sense in this case, but not if I am just moving the targets and leaving utorrent application on my laptop. Did you think I wanted to move the utorrent application too?

Thanks again for your help


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It is exactly the same as moving to a new computer, each and every time you go from one to another

the dat file go in the same folder on each installation.

And of course, do not have the client starting with Windows just in case you do start up before, or without, the drive is plugged in.

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Thanks again. Do you have a link that talks about moving to a new computer?

Let me restate what I have done. Disregard moving a drive as I think it complicates what I am trying to figure out.

Let's say I have taken all my d/l files and through windows explorer copied them to a new location on my LAN. They use to be on my laptop, but now are on another computer on my LAN. I can go through the steps that I first laid out to reunite each torrent with the d/l file, but this takes a long time. Is there a faster way to do this. I don't want to make utorrent move the file as this takes a long time (I'm seeding ~ 2TB of data).

Where do I move the .dat file from and to in this situation?

Sorry I have not asked my question correctly. Hope this makes it easier to answer.


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