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Windows cannot open this file!!!!! help!!!!!!!


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hi i have a new computer with windows 7 and have just installed utorrent, but when i download a torrent from lets say the pirate bay, it opens the file,but says the following message here it is.

:DWindows cannot open this file.

File etc

to open this file,windows needs to know what program u want to use to open it.windows can go online to look it up automatically,or you can manually select from a list of programs that are installed on your computer.

What do you want to do ??

use web service to find the correct program.

select a program from a list of installed programs.

how do i get the downloaded torrent to open in utorrent ??. without this message

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when u say utorrent.exe do u mean the icon in programe files

or wherever you have Utorrent installed...

Have you tried to "associate with torrent files" in options>preferences> general in utorrent?


Go to your control panel>default programs and click on the "Associate a file type or protocol with a program" link.

Select/highlight .torrent file extension then click on the 'Change Program" button and choose uTorrent.exe.

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I am assuming from your post that you have downloaded a file and wish to play it, if that's correct then you probably don't have a program on your system that will play the relevant file type or you have a codec missing for the file. You could always click on the "use the web service" bit which will probably tell you what you need to know. If your still stuck then mention what type of file it is and we will see if we can help further.

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Ok the select "Choose Default Program" and if uTorrent is not in the list there, use the [browse...] button to drill down to "Program Files/uTorrent and click on uTorrent.exe, [Open] and it will then be in the "Recommended Programs" list. Select it, check the "[] always use the selected program to open this type of file" and click [OK].

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Copy the text below in notepad and save as fix.reg...Then merge into registry!

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00










@="\"C:\\Program Files\\uTorrent\\uTorrent.exe\" \"%1\""

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tmarchy, I think there is some confusion with this post. I believe some are reading it as your having problems loading the Magnet link or torrent into the uTorrent program, I am reading it as being that the chosen torrent or magnet link file has been downloaded and a program is needed to open that file. Perhaps you could stipulate which one it is. If you have downloaded a file with utorrent and just want to open it, then state what type of file it is as mentioned in my earlier post.

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i have utorrent and have dl in the past with no problems,when i go to a torrent site press to dl the when it shows the file in thebottom left corner of the screen it isent a utorrent file,it cant be downloaded,and i cant change the file type.does that make any more sence sorry if i confused anyone...........

Beasly gets it and i thank him for his help but everything i try seems not to work.......... dont know whats goin on arghhhhhhhh

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