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µTorrent 1.1.1-dev


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We are now more frequently releasing development builds (marked with the -dev suffix) as we work our way to our milestones. These are equivalent to beta builds and may not always work -- but do work most of the time. Please keep a working version as backup.

Note that µTorrent's version checking feature will only report availability of new development builds if you're already running a development version.

These builds are available in the download section under the "Development Releases" header.

- Fix: Spaced out controls in Create Torrent dialog a bit

- Feature: Added option to hide toolbar.

- Feature: Enter key opens the folder.

- Feature: Del key deletes a torrent.

- Fix: Hide Port column by default, show empty string instead of 65535

- Fix: Upload/Download rates in scheduler settings were reversed.

- Fix: Two dialogs used the wrong font.

- Fix: Query String dialog used Avbryt instead of Cancel.

- Fix: Tab key didn't work in main window.

- Feature: Added menus to quickly select up/down rates by right clicking on the up/down part of the status bar.

- Feature: Added option to randomize port each time uTorrent starts.

- Feature: Preallocate diskspace

- Fix: Sent wrong downloaded value to tracker when seeding.

- Change: Distinguish between downloaded and complete bytes.

- Feature: If resuming a download, and you select the existing folder instead of the parent, behave in the way the user expects.

- Fix: Use FILE_FLAG_RANDOM_ACCESS, might improve caching performance.

- Fix: Limit also the incoming number of connections.

- Feature: Able to limit upload speed if download speed is low.

- Fix: Always enable Remove menu item.

- Fix: Create torrent was unable to make a torrent from a directory.

- Change: Have less checker jobs in action at the same time when checking files.

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