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µTorrent 3.4 RC


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Is this feature of normal torrents or bundle torrents.if it is for bundle torrents only then it is useless features

Not necessarily. If you look at the Moby content which was a recent "featured" download, there was also a component of that where a particular action had to be taken for it to be "unlocked" before you could download it.

The aim of BitTorrent Inc generally, is to become THE leading content delivery provider selling services (the user base) to all manner of content creators, this has been a goal for several years, and is declared quite blatently on the website. This known goal is one of the reason why I am surprised when many of you start whinging about advertising and "featured" material. You ARE the test cases for BitTorrent Inc's steady progress towards the conquest of the world. Assuming Google doesn't get there first.

[h]"BitTorrent - Delivering the World's Content"[/h]

Yesterday "Mutable" torrents, Today "Unlocking" content, Tomorrow, Paid for torrent downloading, probably in the form of subscription fees for "Lockable", "Mutable" BitTorrent downloads.

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Turn off scrape_stopped and it will go away.

When was the last time you've looked at my publicly posted settings file?... So, I take it this does not happen for you, right? Or you have yet to make an effort and run an instance of an idle client with default settings... :P

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Note that you will occasionally see other versions being served from the download link. These are builds to test special bug-fixes or features that are not yet battle-tested

-- 2013-12-16: Version 3.4 (build 30428) RC1

- Fix: .torrent association problem during install on Windows 8 and later

- Feature: Add BitTorrent Labs icon to the status bar

- Feature: Add Help menu items for bundle and BitTorrent Labs

- Fix: Toolbar buttons are not activated after adding torrents

- Change: Default button in delete torrent dialog is now [OK]

- Fix: Firewall issue if running client from downloaded folder

- Change: Implement bundle badging

- Change: Implement bundle unlock toolbar

- Change: Implement bundle unlock right click menu

- Change: Implement bundle history tab

- Fix: MON-3: Search icons not showing when client first starts

- Change: Highlight the last newly added torrent

- Fix: Toolbar buttons are not activated after torrents are selected

- Feature: ADS-138: Change logging in settings to remove OpenX

- Feature: ADS-176: Keyboard shortcut to refresh ads now

- Feature: ADS-33: Overlay image when "i" is moused over

- Feature: ADS-35: Custom PDD

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Does anyone else see this in build 30409 (no active torrents)?

Looks like it's trying to call "home":-> s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com ... :P

Hi everyone, thanks for pointing this out - we tracked it down to overflow in a 16-bit counter used to determine when to send performance/usage data (e.g. How often do users use the RSS feature vs. the Add Torrent feature)

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You put your left arm in.

You take your left arm out' date='

in, out, in, out and shake it all about![/quote']


A Christmas Miracle......A wee touch of Light-heartedness, Ciaobaby.

"God Bless us All...Everyone!"

That is hilarious! :)

Don't worry, we are almost finished coming up with a plan for releasing features, that I think we'll all be happy with. Once I get everyone at the office to review it, I'll post it here for all the testers, as well. (I'm hoping to get started in January).

I think it will take us about a month to do, once we start.


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Great! Now, if you can also attend to the overflowing counters for when to alert for Disc-Overload and the causing the CPU-Overload for uTP seeding it will be greatly appreciated... :)

Yep, we're working on the high-CPU issue, and we have it reproduced here. Once we isolate the cause, we can assess how complex the fix will be.

The over-eager disc-overload message is probably going to be a bit more tricky, but we'll see.

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Something to look to at is running 3.4 clients (any build) as multiple encapsulated instances. (Yes Rafi, I know it's an "Edge Use Case" ). While it will use settings.dat in the local directory it reads and writes to resume.dat in %appdata%/utorrent/ which really does leave the %APPDATA% installation FUBARed.

ver 3.3.x will use a local resume.dat (tested back to

Starting with /NOINSTALL && || /RECOVER makes no difference to this behaviour.

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