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µTorrent 3.4 RC


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is 3.4 only ever going to be a test build? Seems a little pointless in releasing 3.4 unless other features make their way in many of the fixes would appear to be 3.3 related. You should update 3.3 to include auto updating (there doesn't seem to be any major issues with it from what I see)

While on the topic of 3.3, it could probably hit a beta phase about now.


We're using 3.4 to test some new features - In the future, we may do something like "Feature builds" as Alphas. (e.g. this is would be utorrent-silentautoupdate 1.0). For now, we just needed a number for this alpha, so we chose 3.4

Features that work well may be backported to 3.3, but we're hoping to start the stabilization phase on 3.3 as soon as the big problems are out of the way (e.g. rate limiting)

Hopefully, this will give us a good way to parallelize this work.

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@ioannis: that line is the TCP download rate limit, which is part of the "mixed mode" algorithm.

The mixed mode algorithm refers to using TCP and uTP peers at the same time. Without any such algorithm, TCP peers would (essentially) always starve out any uTP peer, and the whole point of uTP would be defeated.

The mixed mode algorithm attempts to strike a fair balance in bandwidth usage between uTP and TCP at a higher level, and also feeds back congestion notifications from uTP into throttling TCP (before it runs over the cliff and fills up the modem's send buffer).

Unfortunately, the mixed mode algorithm is far from trivial. We've chosen a fairly conservative approach which involves linearly increasing the allowed TCP rate until uTP sees congestion. That's the line you see.

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With the latest update I've noticed that when Seeding files. Under the 'Active' tab I noticed that the files being seeded there's multiple entries of them.


Active (5)

But I see like 8 entries.

When I click on one of them, it auto-selects a different entry of the same name.

- - -




2nd EDIT:

Even worse:


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- Feature: Add "Notify me before installing updates" to Preferences > General

Add "Notify me before installing updates feature does not work even i try to check this option.then click okk. it automatically uncheck when i again go to Preferences>General then it shows uncheck

2.2nd thing uTorrent.exe multiple installation still detected.one is install on Local disk C and another is on App data.On Local Disk C you Can delete uTorrent.exe after install the uTorrent.It does not effect on installed Utorrent.So uTorrent.exe Should not be there on Local Disk C

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So, the high speeds have continued through the weekend, magnets are loading in a couple of minutes or less, loaded the client up to 110 running jobs with no problems, download rates are hitting 600+ kB/s.

All 9 Slackware torrents downloading simultaneously, completed in under four hours, the quickest completion was 19m 11s (650M).

Not once has it gone unresponsive or crashed and two friends (real ones, not facebook 'friends') have been seeing similar improved performance. Seems like a winner.

So can we keep this version? :D

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