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µTorrent 3.4 RC


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It destroyed all my settings, RSS and downloads... Any less destructive idea?

No, this is it... Didn't destroy anything here. I'm sure you know how to backup your settings first, and simply replace to 3.3.1 exe. This should work fine. Plus, you can always revert back. No harm done in both cases...

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1. backup Roaming\uTorrent,

2. clean install

3. few starts uTorrent with different combinations original & backup .dat files

result - uTorrent work, but settings reset to default + BUG: "stop torrent" requires restart uTorrent

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Version 3.4 (build 29315)

- Fix: Proper update notifications reflecting preferences

- Fix: Fix auto-update shutdown crash

- Change: removed pause-button from toolbar (it's still in the context menu if you need it)

- Fix bug: Incorrect directory if wndaddpre is disabled

- Change: Improve uTP performance on fast connections by increasing its buffer sizes

- Enhanced DHT lookup process to be faster by maintaining queries to the closest 4 nodes as replies are received for get_peers queries (and ignoring the 4 outstanding query limit)

- Fix: Occasional crash sending more than 15 comments

- Fix: Duplicate device names for android devices

- Fix: Shutdown/restart after downloads complete records torrent state more reliably

- Fix: fix flushing of completed pieces immediately

- Fix: fix gdi leak when resizing window

- Fix: fix disk flushing not being triggered every time it should be

- Feature: add "play" as a double click action

- Fix: DHT announce performance issue corrected

- Fix: upload rate-limiter issue

- Change: make progress bars not have rounded corners

- Fix: Crash when adding magnet links

- Fix: disk write coalesce issue

- Fix: disk flushing issues

Although all these fixes look good on paper the performance on build 29315 is like taking 5 steps backwards.....Constant crashes all over the place with this build!!!

Are the crash dumps even being looked at?....Did you have a complete overhaul of the dev team?

As of this current build this is one of the worse I've ever encountered!

Yeah, I know it's an alpha build but still.....

Are we not supposed to be moving forward?...

Maybe dumping 3.4 altogether and chalk it up to experience would be in your better interest.

It seems like something major happened behind the scenes since (utorrent new team) the 3.0 and up versions.

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Torrents that get automatically added by RSS Downloader are stuck in perpetual "downloading metadata" or "connecting to peers"

At least last two builds:

--2013-01-18: Version 3.4 (build 28937)

--2013-01-07: Version 3.4 (build 28869)

So I had to roll back to 3.3 for now.

Does it work correctly in 3.3?

Would you mind testing the latest version of 3.4? We have introduced some performance improvements to downloading metadata.

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Please fix scrolling on "Ratings" tab.

When I scroll with my mouse, the comment's background turns to black.

Using NVIDIA 470 GPU with 310.90 drivers if that makes a difference and on Windows 7 x64 SP1.

Thanks again,


Hi there, We have a few ideas.

First, a clue - this control is an IStatEditor - a different control than we use elsewhere in uTorrent.

Second, could you try disabling Aero? Sadly, it seems you can't easily switch over to software rendering n Win7, but this might help us see if it's an interaction with your video driver.



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This is to allow torrent creators to provide updates to users. There are two distinct features here: The ability to modify or update a torrent, re-using any already downloaded files and pieces, and the ability to automatically receive these updates. I'll call these features "mutable torrents" and "cascading torrents".

An example of mutable torrents might be this: A content creator puts several hundreds or thousands of megabytes of video into a torrent. Then they realize they made a mistake and they want to modify some of the metadata, add a video they forgot, fix subtitle typos, etc. Instead of forcing their audience to download the entire torrent again, they could release a torrent that leverages the fact that many people already have most of the contents downloaded. Then, those that download the torrent would only have to download the parts that have changed, re-using what they already have. If the revised torrent was created with this in mind, this will happen automatically. But some people may find use of that menu item to mutate a torrent manually.

An example of cascading torrents might be this: A content creator releases some form of episodic content. Let's say it's a web series and they release a new episode every week. Using the cascading torrents feature, they could embed an "update url" in their torrent that would occasionally check for new episodes. When a new episode is available it will then automatically be downloaded.

Hope that cleared things up!

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How do i go about uninstalling the alpha? I had the stable version installed (in the normal program files location) , downloaded the alpha (installed in AppData folder), but the alpha loads no matter which exe i open. (alpha loads even when i open the program files utorrent exe) I was hoping i could use both versions at once. So, i uninstalled utorrent from prorgams list in the windows control panel, but the alpha is still in appdata folder, and the program files utorrent folder still exists, but actually only has utorrent.exe in the folder, nothing else....no sub folders, nothing. running that exe brings up the alpha version, as well. Should i just delete the appdata folder?

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so its not possible to have the stable and alpha installed at the same time? Why is the alpha running when i run the other exe?

update: when i delete appdata folder i lose all my torrents...how do i go back to the stable without losing everything?

update update: thank you!

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so its not possible to have the stable and alpha installed at the same time?

No, it's possible if you install each following prescribed procedure.

Why is the alpha running when i run the other exe?

From the description I suspect the alpha version overwrote the stable version .exe file in Program Files. That .exe file is still using AppData folder settings info (settings.dat).

update: when i delete appdata folder i lose all my torrents...how do i go back to the stable without losing everything?

Determine which version will be portable and which will be standard installation (i.e. Control Panel Add/Remove). See http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=705506#p705506 about setting up a portable (encapsulataed) installation after the standard install version. On the portable, copy those .dat and .torrent files into a new portable directory, move and launch the installation file within that folder, create a shortcut and it will be self-contained.

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