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µTorrent 3.4 RC


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Torrents, stopped by scheduler (but downloaded and uploaded without), can't be "stopped". Only "forced" can be.

It's a bug, but the workaround is to pause first (via context menu since the pause toolbar button was removed.?!) and then they can be stopped.

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2 ciaobaby

And what? I know this, the problem is not there...

if torrents "stopped by scheduler" and:

if torrent "started", it can't be stopped by context menu

if torrent "forced", if can be stopped

the workaround: forced and sopped

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What is it about using FORCE that you DO NOT UNDERSTAND??????????????????

Read the next bit CAREFULLY and try to comprehend it!

But if it is stopped by the scheduler it is therefore STOPPED and "Stopped" on the context menu will NOT BE AVAILABLE (as in "gre[a]yed out"), you cannot "stop" something that is already "stopped".

Using 'force' will override the scheduler stop, because that is what it does. Therefore after starting the job in 'Forced mode' the scheduler STOP is no longer in force and "Stop" will once again be available in the context menu.

There is NOTHING wrong with what the client is allowing you to do, or NOT to do as the case maybe, just your comprehension of it!!!

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Lie. It's black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's AVAILABLE.
Really? I guess I must have missed reading where you gave a FULL and COMPLETE explanation of your "problem".

So lets go a bit further then, what is your scheduler set to do at these times you are talking about. Does the job stop or is in in "limited"

Screen shot of scheduler required.

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How do i go about uninstalling the alpha? I had the stable version installed (in the normal program files location) , downloaded the alpha (installed in AppData folder), but the alpha loads no matter which exe i open. (alpha loads even when i open the program files utorrent exe) I was hoping i could use both versions at once. So, i uninstalled utorrent from prorgams list in the windows control panel, but the alpha is still in appdata folder, and the program files utorrent folder still exists, but actually only has utorrent.exe in the folder, nothing else....no sub folders, nothing. running that exe brings up the alpha version, as well. Should i just delete the appdata folder?

Temporary workaround: delete %appdata%\utorrent\utorrent.exe, updates folder, and updates.dat

We'll tackle this issue soon, thanks.

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Hi' date='

Please fix scrolling on "Ratings" tab.

When I scroll with my mouse, the comment's background turns to black.

Using NVIDIA 470 GPU with 310.90 drivers if that makes a difference and on Windows 7 x64 SP1.

Thanks again,


Hi there, We have a few ideas.

First, a clue - this control is an IStatEditor - a different control than we use elsewhere in uTorrent.

Second, could you try disabling Aero? Sadly, it seems you can't easily switch over to software rendering n Win7, but this might help us see if it's an interaction with your video driver.




Well now running µTorrent 3.4 alpha (build 29382) and 314.22 drivers.

No difference, same problem.

And yes disabling Nero, switching over to Windows Classic theme does NOT have this issue.

But of course who wants to disable Aero.

Update: It's the "Smooth-scroll list boxes" Windows Performance Option that µTorrent is having a problem with.

With that Windows Performance Option turned off, then µTorrent does NOT have this issue.



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Can someone explain the distributed_share.enable: This option enables the participation in distributed backups advanced setting?

I've noticed that when this setting is in an enabled state it creates a hidden/share test_file_1.torrent with a udp***cd.saucers.utorrent.com/*** tracker and automatically starts downloading the data to the utorrent share directory. It seems to always be 1.00 GB in size and it is only visible by clicking on the hidden or share label in the sidebar.



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Does anyone else download partially from a torrent and dislikes having the contents moved to the "completed" folder? I was thinking having files that aren't being downloaded as of yet to able to be listed as scheduled or queued so that the torrent didn't complete until all of those files are completed.

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Question regarding torrents added via Magnet link:

In the newest build, 29535, it appears that all torrents added via Magnet link are shown with a grey progress bar:


Additionally, when right-clicking on these torrents and selecting 'Advanced', the options for 'Set Download Location' and 'Set Destination name' are greyed out: DGefkAT.png

This seems to be a change in the latest build, and I wondered if this is intentional, or simply a misconfiguration in my own preferences. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.

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