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How file size is reported in µTorrent on Mac OS X


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The vast majority[1] of the Mac install base is now on operating systems reporting disk and file size with decimal prefixes (10.6+[2]). 1 2

µTorrent Mac, however, uses decimal notation but is in fact dividing by 1024^n. This is incongruous and not helpful.

I suggest, therefore, that, ideally, µTorrent Mac would match the conventions of the operating system, which in this case for most Mac users would mean changing the reporting to proper decimal prefixes.

Further exacerbating the issue is that µTorrent is an application that prominently displays both file sizes and transfer speeds. Network transfer speeds have historically used proper decimal prefixes, however, I feel that it is an assumption that can not be relied on in µTorrent Mac.

If, in fact, it is using proper prefixes for transfer speeds, the use of prefixes is not internally consistent and it creates issues when comparing transfer speeds and file sizes.

If, however, it is using decimal notation and dividing by 1024^n, it is nonstandard behaviour and I think it should be discouraged.

Again, I feel it would be ideal if µTorrent Mac reported both file sizes and transfer speeds with decimal prefixes and dividing by 1000^n.

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