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Session Ratio status


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The first thing I want to know when I look at uTorrent after sleep or other long absence, is if it is (has been) working, and how well. -If there is any problem. The session (how long uTorrent has been running) ratio of uploaded to downloaded, is my status in PtP community... good guy or bad guy.

Like I check in the mirror to see how alive I look for the day, a session ratio would tell me how I look to the peer world since I last appeared.

Logically, the right lower field of three in main window footer, would [and indeed appears to] display overall ratio -but the 'session' is every second! (Mac's ACTIVITY MONITOR already has a second to second process ratio for last minute session in network graph - 60 times more useful.)

Current field function appears to be mainly control, not information.

Clicking allows setting seed limits on ALL individual torrents. A useful feature>Please don't change!

But Right-clicking (Control-click on single button Macs) does the SAME.

There is no way I can find to see overall uTorrent session ratio, for any range other than one second.

FEATURE ==============Description========

What I want, is a simple field mod...control-

click to choose display info dialog box.

DEFAULT would be SESSION RATIO. ( RANGE>Uploaded from time uTorrent was booted to present, divided by downloaded.) It would not have to be updated every second. Would be nice to trigger the function upon selection- [any time box is clicked to display ratio max seed setting choice, it updates and displays session ratio for several seconds, then back to user pref.setting].

OPTIONs could be SESSION AVERAGE [of UPLOADED, DOWNLOADED, - and future info request subroutines}

Display alternate choices to include now:

SUM of all downloads OR uploads in progress OR from session range.[radio buttons]

DATE/TIME set points for START and END (or in Preferences)/-default is boot to last cycle timer update.

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