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UI Adjustment (Downloads window / File window)


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Love your product..been using it for years. One small....annoyance....is the point between the downloads window and the lower "files" window in your UI. If I want to raise or lower the point in between...lulz...it's like I have to go into "MicroMouseSurgeon" mode. Trying to adjust said point..thinks.. "Just...need...to..get....mouse/scalpel...right pixel...damn it..damn it...ya know....maybe I should just say something about it."

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A: Client Version and build?

B: Operating System?

Are you talking about the tolerance of the cursor "drag division" for changing the height of the "detailed info" panel?

If so; that will be the same as it for every "draggable" height or width on your OS. Four pixels (± 2px of the edge) is the Windows default. Depending on your screen resolution and mouse type, 4px. can be a bit "fiddly"

This is changeable with a registry edit though, should you wish to get "down and dirty" with your OS.

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