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installation Etiquette


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I have grown so very tired of the conduit search bar every time I install utorrent. it is just such a pain to remove and I would think utorrent would be above and beyond this type of behavior. I would much rather have to see an ad than uninstall a browser hijack!

So until you can get your head out of your rear... I am done with you utorrent. you are not the only torrent client out there. and not the best either. that is why I would think you wouldn't drop yourselfs to such a level. you should be trying to do it better and cleaner than the rest.

I feel as if I have a right to say these things to you because I have been a long time user of your software until now.

dont bother flaming me, I only made this account to make my voice heard. I will not be coming back.

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