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utorrent 3.4 show one file thrice


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your one torrent file on seeding it should be show only one file.but it show three files which is of same size same hash of torrent but show thrice not one.its a bug.if you see the screenshot carefully.inactive shows 3 but torrents are 5.so its simple seeding torrent show 3 instead of one


list of highlights bugs in 3.4

1.error reached the end of file


2.upload limit not working

3.install uknown file utorrent.exe.new in local disk c when you newly install utorrent 3.4 in your pc


4.show one file thrice sometimes while seeding or downloading or stopped


5.flushing to disk still going on after download completes if you try to false in advanced still not working

these bugs still going on

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