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torrent speed


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Hi guys I have taken a new internet connection...:)

I am quite happy with its torrent downloading speed bandwidth. It is nearly 10MB/s.. :)

But the problem is that I get that kind of speed (4-8 MB/s) only with 1000 or more seeders.. and if the no of seeders is less than 600, I get only few kB/s like 4-20 kB/s... I don't understand what is the problem..Is it the problem of my ISP ? Because some of my friends get much more speed with 300-400 seeders only with different ISP..

When I used a lower bandwidth connection(250-320KB/s) form a different ISP , I always got 250-280 kB/s with only 300 or 350 seeders...

Now I don't understand why more than 1000 or 1500 seeders needed to get good speed with such a higher bandwidth connection.. I am disappointed too much. . :(

Has someone got any idea in this regard??

Please reply as early as possible.

Thanks in advance.. :)

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