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Malware warnings.


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Hello everyone. Hope all is well!

I've looked through the forums and can't seem to find a solution to my problem. I may have not looked hard enough and if there is already a solution, I apologise. Here is my little problem. When I'm seeding, baring in mind this has NEVER happened until tonight, I'm getting a warning from my AV (avast! free) that a malicious website has been blocked. This will pop up every 10 seconds whilst I'm seeding and when I pause all of my seeding torrents it disappears. I've scanned my computer which has come back completely clean. I'm confused and I'm normally good with these kinda things. I can post a screen shot of the information from the avast! website if necessary.

Thanks in advance.

PS. I also apologise if this is in the wrong section. SORRY! :(

EDIT: I've found it's one of the trackers in one of my torrents. Any way to add this specific tracker to a block list so it doesn't pop up again?

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