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Very poor seeding - anyone have a solution?


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I only use TVTorrents and have always had a very healthy credit score with them, generally aiming as much as possible to seed as much as i download as a rule..

However in the last couple of weeks things have taken a massive downward slide. I barely seem to connect to anyone these days when seeding (downloads are still fine). When I do its always a fleeting connection and never much to boost my seed ratio much more than 20-30% of what I download.

Its got to a point when i will not be able to use TVTorrents anymore as I wont have any credits left!

I am on Sky Broadband, but use the apple base station to create a network.

Reading some message here and elsewhere port forwarding isnt the simple answer with Sky, is that right?

My TCP/IP is "using DHCP" for IPv4 and configure automatically for IPv6 - Should I create a static IP? I never had done before when I was getting good seeding? As a relative novice how will this affect all my other devices (my mac is wifi'd not wired to the network if that makes a difference)

In my sky broadband setting I have added the port I am using - 58645 - to the "services" and also "always allowed" to the inbound services. Should I also allow for outbound services?

I see some people here seem to have the same or similar problem. I have tried using transmission instead but results as still not great though it does seem to connect slightly better, but the best I have for any one file is still only 30%

Any ideas, thoughts?

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Should I create a static IP?
Only if the DHCP lease time is less than a few hours.
and also "always allowed" to the inbound services. Should I also allow for outbound services?
Yes but you have to allow the application rather than a specific port, because outgoing connections, requests to other peers are assigned a random port as they are initialised.
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I noticed the same thing recently. I've always managed to keep about 25 credits at any given time. All of a sudden I had -24. I got myself back above zero thanks to gifted credits and making purchases in their store. It looks like seeding just stopped working sometime towards the end of December. I've tried following the instructions for creating a static IP and enabling port forwarding, but haven't had much luck. Most of the instructions are outdated and are primarily focused on Windows users. I really would like to get the ball rolling on seeding the files I have so I can start to get my credits back.

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Issue #1 is that unless there are people out there in the swarm who want what have, you won't upload anything, even though you are seeding --- ditto if they are out there but can get a better/faster connection from someone else than you offer.

Sky has service ranging from DSL (which has relatively sloooow upload speeds) with bandwidth caps on the low end up to unlimited fibreoptic service at the top end.

Have you tested your 'net speed, and compared it to the service you are paying for? (recognizing that if you are using a measured service, the test will use up some of your cap allowance)

Is the little dot at the bottom right corner green? If not, you need to deal with port forwarding issues.

Have you looked at the "General" tab of your problem files? That will let you know how big the swarm is, and how many of them are connected to you. If there is a large swarm of peers, and your corner dot is green, then the problem lies with your tracker's allocation. Check to see if you are violating any of their rules --- like using a beta client when they don't allow that (it wouldn't hurt to check if they have *specific* clients/versions specified) -- or having DHT/ PEX enabled for a private torrent? Look at your private tracker's forums.

(edited for issue 1 demand)

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