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RSS Downloader update request...


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Hello everyone,

I'm using utorrrent 3.2.2 on a win 7 machine. When I create a new filter (favorite) I am constantly have to recheck them after creation as the changes that I make don't stick. The Wiki says that changes made are automatically saved, but this does not work when I add a new filter. I usually click on a filter that I am interested in modifying for a new show and then click on the add button. A new filter is made based on the old one and I can start to change things. I will then click on the new new filter on the left and hit F2 to rename it. When I close the RSS Downloader and check it later, most of my changes have not been saved. The filter name is usually renamed from NEW FILTER but the torrent feed, and other aspects that I have changed are not saved. Can I get a save button maybe?

I also would like to request that the filter window be expandable. I would love to give better descriptions to my filters, however am limited by the size of the window to keep things within the visual area. So I am using codes for the different filters that make things kind of hard to remember.

It would also be great to have the filters be organized say in a tree form or folder system of some type.

Lastly would love to have a way to set the torrent download parameters individually for each filter. Let's say I get a feed from one tracker and I want to seed this back at a higher ratio than another tracker. Is there a way to do this or could it be done?

Thanks for uTorrent.


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