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Bogus Download/Upload speeds


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I have uTorrent version 1.6.5 running on my PowerMac. It works great except for random time when my upload/download speeds will jump to hundred of gigabytes a second and slowly fall down, which i know is bogus because my internet connection isn't that fast. My ethernet cable can't even go that fast! much less the gigabit internet connection i share with the rest of the people on my college campus. Has anyone else experienced this, or is this a ppc only bug?

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Hi, I found the answer.

First from the peer list resolve the IP address of the bogus speed peer.

Then you search this forum for ipfilter.dat.

Download the old ipfilter.dat that some guru has posted in this forum.

Use Textedit.app and add at the end the IP address you want blocked; follow

the examples inside the ipfilter.dat to make sure it is of the correct format.

Put this customised ipfilter in /user/library/application support/utorrent.

Launch utorrent and in windows->message log you should see "Loaded ipfilter.dat

(xxxxxx entries).

That bogus spped client will be blocked.

One drawback to blocking the client means you might lose the overall download


That is it.


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