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Progress Bar doesn't change even with fast D/L speed


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It's strange, I was downloading a group of files that hardly has any seeders/leechers (2/5 S/L.. lol), but somehow I was able to get a download speed of around 1,000kb/s. However, even though I was downloading at this speed for a good amount of time, there was pretty much no progress on the download bar.

Looking under the "general" tab, it says that I've downloaded 2.9 GB worth of data, but the files combined only take up ~600MB.. Anybody know what's going on?

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hardly has any seeders/leechers (2/5 S/L)

That would suggests a RATIO of seeds to peers ie: 5 peers to every 2 seeds, not how many seed and peers there are and are connecting to your client.

The swarm counts are what will determine the speed, also take look at the "wasted" data and "Hash fails"


There is also overhead to take into account which over an extended period can be substantial.

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