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powershell auto remove torrents after X time


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Is it possible to create a powershell script or something similar which will remove torrents which have been "last active" more than 7 days or something similar?

any tips / direction appreciated


Okay ... I'm running uT 3.2.2 and I found a way to auto-delete .torrent files to recycle bin, then in turn auto-delete them from my recycle bin. Here's how:

Options > Preferences > Directories

Where it says "Move.torrents for finished jobs to:" select the box and paste without quotes "\$Recycle.Bin\%SID%"


Then follow the above link which are instructions via MicroShaft and calibrate the size your recycle bin can hold or even just skip the 'recycle' process altogether.

I am however baffeled that I couldn't find a script to remove said downloads from download/seed list when status is "Finished". So if any of you have a script that would work for this ... lemme know please.

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