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weird download problem


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Having just upgraded to latest version have a weird problem

although I clicked on add torrent it does not appear in list. When I tried again it said the item is already in your download list- but it cant be seen anywhere.

Added 2 other torrents after, they show on list OK but are numbered #2 and #3, so the 1 is not showing and is there somewhere , tried everything , computer restart, etc. but its nowhere to be found although its obviously there somewhere, but seems wont show for some reason.

any suggestions?



seems the answer is found in another post so have solved it now - thanks to Houndcat for this useful tip:


>SOLUTION: If the sidebar is not showing, press F7 to display the sidebar. If you click Torrents, you will most >likely NOT see the missing torrent that is causing all of these problems; however, if you click on Labels and sort >by Name, you should find the torrent in the list. If you click on the + next to Labels to expand the tree, you should >see a label titled Hidden. Your torrent should be in that Label location. Either way, this should be the torrent causing these problems. From here, simply click on the torrent, delete it and the torrent data, then add your torrent or magnet link again.

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