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Problem with seeding


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I always seed my torrents until they are are a 1:1.1 ratio. Other than that and setting up a location for all my torrents to go into, I have not changed any other settings (and that was set months ago and I have not changed any settings since then).

All of a sudden, about a week ago, my torrents would download normally but then would never seed. There is a red exclamation point icon that pops up next to the completed torrent. The status of the already-downloaded-but-needing-to-be-seeded torrents say:

[h] "Error: Can't open .torrent file: ~/utorrent/[torrent name].torrent/" [/h]

I checked the utorrent file where all the .torrent files and completed files go and they are all still there! Any help/advice/tips would be awesome, thanks!

EDIT: I realized that uTorrent was checking in the wrong place for the .torrent files. How do I "show" it where the files are?

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