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3.3.28582 beta problem with adding multiple downloads at the same time


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I am aware I am double-posting this, but I feel it needs the attention of a proper bug-report.

Using v3.3 beta build 28582 I've noticed something odd while adding several downloads and displaying the add new torrent dialog box for each.

I usually queue like 20 in quick succession, then hit OK as I check the content of each.

µtoorrent will start to download 4, maybe 5, the rest will have stopped at what I believe is the stage where the meta-data is accessed;Their status will say "Checked". I have attempted to force start them, but nothing helps. What works is to restart µtorrent. Those that were listed as checked will have stopped, and then it is a simple matter of restarting them.

Other than this it seems to run really well.

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I'm not sure what has changes in the latest update, although the build is still at 28582 so I suspect it's not a whole lot.

This issue is still ongoing, As long as the status of the added magnets says "Checked" they can only be stopped, not forced or otherwise changed in priority. If I attempt to stop them and restart, they remain at "Checked", and I still have to shutdown µtorrent to make them go.

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