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Verifying effect of proxy privacy settings


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Using uT version 3.2.2 on Windows 7 64 bit

Using a SOCKS5 proxy server(BitG): port 1025.

All the boxes in Proxy Server AND Proxy Privacy are checked.

Yet when DHT is enabled in uT my router, a DLink DIR-655, shows a spate of UDP requests going out to the general internet from a port used by uT. (Backtracked using netstat -an -p udp -o to the utorrent.exe PID) They do not appear to go to the proxy as do the TCP connections. Specifically, for this UDP traffic the "Internet" (or destination) value of the routers "Internet sessions" table is NOT the proxy server address.

Reading the help file:

"Disable connections unsupported by the proxy will disable connection types that your proxy type cannot handle. For HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS4 proxies, this will disable all UDP-based communication (DHT, uTP, UDP trackers, IPv6). For SOCKS5, it will only disable IPv6, as IPv6 is currently not proxied. If your proxy is misconfigured or not working, all traffic in the client will stop."

I know that in older versions UDP was not proxied. The help file suggests to me that in the current version using a SOCKS5 proxy, with this option checked, ALL traffic, both UDP and TCP, should be proxied, i.e. all traffic from uT should go to X.X.X.X:1025, if available, and if not available the traffic is not sent.

Am I misinterpreting my routers data?

Am I missing something on the uT side?

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