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uTorrent not working since update


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I downloaded the update for uTorrent yesterday. Since the update I have been unable to download anything. All of my previous torrents have "seeding" in a red box and the show that I am wanting to download just says "downloading" and stays at 0.0%. I checked my ports using the setup guide and got two green check-marks. I haven't changed anything on my computer except update uTorrent.

Not sure what else to try or if anyone else had this problem.

I would have liked to take a snapshot of the screen so you can see the problem, but have no-idea how to do that!

I am not a uTorrent or computer expert so any replies with simple fix-it solutions would be very much appreciated!

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Client version and build? (Use help -> About uTorrent)

Operating system? (Start -> Run -> type in: WinVer then press [enter]

Screen shots: For Vista upwards: Start - All Programs -> Snipping Tool -> Save -> Upload somewhere, copy the URL, then click the [ IMG ] button above and paste the URL. -> click [submit]

Red status box indicates a tracker error

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OK, here goes! (thanks for the idiots guide by the way!)

uTorrentPlus 3.2.2

(build 28595) [32-bit]

Transcode 12

Antivirus 12

Player 12

Windows Vista Home Premium

I'm afraid I failed on the snipping tool. I managed to snippit and save it as a jpeg in my pictures file, but did not know where I could upload it to and get a URL. (I did warn you I was no expert!!! ;-))

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