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Big speed problems but flatmate is fine on same ISP and settings!!


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I recently purchased a netbook and am trying to use uTorrent to download a few things.

We use Virgin Media (UK) as an ISP and I generally get downloads at about 5 kbps on average... I have tweaked all of the settings / preferences and researched a lot but no difference...!

The strangest thing is that my housemate gets speeds over 1 meg consistently on his netbook using the same ISP in the same room and with the same settings!!!

Therefore I really think it must be a local issue and have no idea what it could be! Mt wireless generally works well and it is only uTorrent really that gets clogged up...

Even if I could get speeds of 500kbps it would make a HUGE difference.

Any thoughts at all????

Ps. I'm running a Samsung netbook.



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