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Is this funny or what? (uTorrent related)


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I was able to take some screenshots of a few things i found really funny. I wanted to share them with the utorrent community. The first is this,


[Fake}utorrent... rofl.

anyway, as i was on my way here to the forums i spotted this,


and while i was uploading these images to tinypic i got this (Not that funny)


Bruce lee and the war on spam LOL

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Why yes a "fake" client that may just be a monitoring system on one of your jobs, I'm sure we all find that highly amusing, though of course the joke may backfire on you.

it wasnt a joke, i just thought it was amusing to see that randomly. Never saw it before. And aparently, someone, somewhere, doesnt like uTorrent anymore, based on the second pic up there :D

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